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Enjoy the best of both worlds! You can have the convenience of a modern new home and enjoy all the amenities of a mature, well established neighbourhood. We will work with you and the city to ensure your infill home meets the specifications of the neighbourhood. Our in-house professional design team has reviewed the residential infill guidelines and zoning bylaws in Edmonton and other municipalities, and will assess your property to determine what is possible to ensure compliance. Where feasible, we will help to subdivide the lot and co-develop with the lot owner.


We take the time to meet with your neighbours before we start building. Neighbours are more patient when they are aware of what is happening. This is your community, and as respectful members, we know the value of maintaining great relationships.


Our vision is to build on the strength of your community, so we donate to Community Leagues in the neighbourhoods we build in.

For more information about the benefits of infill development, visit the Infill Development in Edmonton Association's (IDEA) website

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Garden Homes

Interested in a creative solution? Building a garage suite or garden home on your existing property is an economical and responsible way to accommodate your family’s changing needs or bring in some additional income. To visit an already crafted garden suite, contact us or visit Urban Mews for more information.

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